YOUR Fidelity Mortgage!


Your Fidelity Mortgage team lives and works in Your community.  We pride ourselves in making sure all our borrowers understand the mortgage product they select. 

Due to the fact that Fidelity Mortgage is a locally owned business, borrowers have the ability to meet with our loan originators face to face.  Avoiding losing facts, questions, and concerns in translation and leading to a greater level of transparency from borrower to originator and originator to borrower.  

We never mind disclosing fees while your shopping around during the application process.  We don’t advertise with teaser rates, fine print, or * marks.  All estimated funds are accurately and clearly quoted. 

Transparency should always be provided and not something a borrower should ever have to ask for.

Fi-del-i-ty: faithfulness to a person, cause, or belief, demonstrated by continuing loyalty and support

Getting Started

While it’s not everyone’s favorite part of the home buying experience, discussing finances is the most important!  The reality of homeownership and the true expenses will hit you months after closing.  Consulting with one of our local specialist will help you successfully manage your dream transitioning it into reality.

Why I Need to Get Pre-Qualified

Time is that wonderful commodity we can never get enough of.  Don’t waste your precious time home shopping prior to knowing your maximum price point.  We promise, it will only lead to disappointment.

Sellers are only looking for serious Buyers.  Being able to provide a Seller with a pre-qualification shows your level of commitment. 

What is Pre-Qualification?

A Pre-qualification is a written statement from Fidelity Mortgage advising how much your maximum target price point should be based on current interest rates and qualifying debt to income ratios.

What is Involved with Obtaining a Pre-Qualification?

Fidelity Mortgage will obtain some basic verbal information from you with regards to income, assets, and liabilities.  Along with the same, review of your recent credit report.

Not everyone will make it through the first step of Pre-qualification and that’s ok.  Our team will review the credit report with you and see what recommendations we can provide to help get you back on the path to homeownership – this is one of the various ways Fidelity Mortgage sets itself apart from other Brokers and Lenders.

Stay Local

At Fidelity Mortgage you’ll never be treated as a number.  Your team will be with you from application to closing.  Building relationships with our clients is essential to their success in homeownership and ultimately our success!

Fidelity Mortgage is just as competitive with “big bank” interest rates while having access to more programs for first-time homeowners.